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Chronic Dehydration

If there's anything I want you to get from this article it would be to drink more water. I'll start this off by admitting that very sedentary lifestyles can get away with under consuming water without serious repercussions. This will be geared at people who exercise regularly, hike, move around and speak often for work. Some of this will also go into how important it is to structure movement into your day.

One thing I have observed to be true is how important it is to be hydrated for muscular health and posture if you lift. Every single person, man, woman, young, old should be doing something to keep their muscles healthy. If you are lifting weights like much of the population is now doing, you need to make sure to hydrate properly throughout the day. Here are some benefits to being fully hydrated.

Supports digestion

Regulates body temperature

Promotes healthy skin

Proper cellular activity

Kidney and organ function

Cognitive Function

Now this list could go on and on forever about what being properly hydrated does for our body. It is literally the gas we run on. The more food we consume during the day, the more water we are going to need to aid in digestion and fuel those processes. Okay!!!! We get it! So, how do we know how much water to drink?! Start with these easy strategies to begin to find the sweet spot with your water intake. Remember, this is a combination of your body size, food consumption and movement throughout the day!

  1. Start each morning with an 8oz-12oz glass of water with lemon slice

  2. Add in a short walk and stretch when possible each day

  3. End each day with 8oz-12oz glass of water

  4. Find a way to prioritize some form of movement during the day that increases water consumption.

Now yes, I agree, these are not ground breaking ideas. Neither is this process. The point is that most people are chronically dehydrated and it's such a simple solution to increase energy and cognitive functions. We, as a society are perpetually tired and overworked. We are constantly looking for that coffee or energy drink to give us that last little bit of energy we need. The main point I'm trying to get across is that I want you to use this checklist when you are feeling tired or low-energy.

  1. Do I need to drink water?

  2. Do I need a snack or meal?

  3. Can I take a short 10 minute break to clear my mind.

  4. Can I switch to a different task for the moment to increase productivity

  5. Can I get away for a workout or to close my eyes for 10 minutes ( next article on the art of the nap (haha)

In summary, notice that water was #1 on the list. This is the biggest thing to take from this blog post is that it should always be the very first thing you think about before moving on to the next. Staying hydrated will improve your energy, your cognitive function, the quality or your muscles and also your posture. Now, go get a glass of water!


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