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How we influence others and why that matters

It has been said and observed and quoted that you become the 5 people you hang around the most. This speaks to the influence we have on others. We are constantly picking things up both consciously and subconsciously from the people we are around the most. We pick up particular mannerisms, sayings, expressions, colloquialisms, accents, and much more. We pick up on patterns of thinking and ways of problem solving and even develop a sense of how we are perceived by someone. Our thoughts we have about a particular feeling or event or more importantly a person or team we manage, has a profound effect on the way it is reflected in how we think and the way we act.

Let's keep it super simple though in the spirit of making this practical, applicable information. Let's imagine 2 separate leaders

of a team, organization, or business have two separate thoughts and let's picture the repercussions as a thought practice.

Thought 1: My team is talented and creative, I'm grateful to be in a position of leadership and It's important I communicate more effectively what I'm envisioning for this project.

Thought 2 : These people have no clue what they are doing, I need to watch them and constantly remind them of things.

Now these examples are pretty polarizing but you get the idea. One of these thought patterns takes more empathy, more energy and more understanding. The significance and repercussions of this idea has profound effects on our ability to lead a team or organization effectively. These ideas are NOT new or innovative ideas, but our ability to clearly understand their significance not only in the workplace but also in our personal lives is paramount to personal growth and effective influential leadership. Let's make this applicable with an exercise. When discussing things with your team, your partner or your clients, use a chart of thought patterns. These are ideas that are always present while communicating:

  1. I'm so grateful for my clients

  2. My team deserves to feel important

  3. Let's focus our energy on what we CAN control

  4. Setting and managing expectations and having accountability is a necessary difficulty to self growth

  5. Listening is a genuine curiosity. ( Dale Carnegie, How to win friends and influence people)

  6. Authenticity is essential

Our patterns of thought, conversation and behavior are constantly influencing those around us. Have you ever been out for a run and your crossing the road and 9 times out of 10 the car stops to let the runner by. When we are the one in the car, we get the "good for you" experience. When we see someone that is actively pursuing their goals, we can often feel inspired.

In summary of this information, it's vitally important to our self-growth and influence of others to realize the effect our true thoughts on people have in our conversations and ability to lead. These thought patterns can be changed through disciplined practice and the journey of finding the love in our work. This isn't some do good-er mentality or some altruistic practice, rather a system for understanding influence and our ability to find our own happiness. The journey of fitness, personal training and life is between our ears and it sure is important to have people around you who think highly of you. Be that person.


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