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What are genetics? How do they apply to my fitness journey? We're sure you have tons of questions. Here at TY we give everyone a free consult to explain the benefits & answer any questions you may have!

Genetic Diets/Supplements



What do I eat? Should I do this diet my friend recommended? This influencer takes this supplement, should I get it? Stop shooting in the dark when finding what to eat. With our genetic testing you can finally find the perfect diet made exactly, for you.

Genetic Testing/App

Science has come a long way with genetics! We take a saliva sample, send it to a lab, then come back with comprehensive information on the best ways for you to eat, workout, even injury/cancer risk prevention!

Genetic Injury Risk Prevention

Are you an athlete trying to mitigate injuries? How about a daughter/son with a family member who has cancer? Want to find out if you are predisposed to these traits? We have you covered! We can even give you programs to strength high risk areas of injury keeping you in the game healthy all season. 

Genetic Workouts

How many times have you tried a workout from a friend, or social media and it just doesn't work the same for you as it does others? The reason is genetics! With our test we come up with a workout thats based on you for you!

But wait! There's More!

Ah, yes. There is so much more to our testing whether it's sleep, stress, ancestry, and even your microbiome! We are just touching the surface of what genetics can do for you and the future of health and wellness. 

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