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Productivity can have a profound effect on your happiness and contentment from day to day. There's the age old adage of "make your bed" as your first accomplishment but what is the science behind this. Throughout the day we are inundated with things we must accomplished based on our life circumstances. We may have a day packed full of responsibilities or we may be in a place in life where it's not quite as hectic. Maybe you just bought a new house, started a new job or having a baby on the way. The point is that we all have daily things we must accomplish so how can we better prepare ourselves to be productive.

What are the things you need to accomplish in the day versus what are things you want to accomplish in the day? Human beings are task oriented creatures. This means that our bodies will have a physiological response to accomplishing tasks and will be rewarded within our pleasure center in the forms of serotonin or dopamine. You can find examples of these within our daily life. The elusive feeling of "runners high" is an experience many people who run have difficulty finding. This is the feeling of elation, that a runner experiences when they are for the most part, moving mechanically well and at any efficient pace for their body. It's a combination of factors that include the distance your running, the reason behind your running and the acceptance of the task at hand. This could also be described as a kind of flow state. Another perfect example that isn't physically active is listening to a great piece of music that you connect with. Some people experience goose bumps when they hear that perfect harmony or counter melody inside of a piece that was perfectly placed. These experiences have to do with our innate desire to organize and recognize patterns.

To be more productive:

  1. Eat more quality food, more regularly, during work days

  2. When you're relaxing, relax.

  3. Give energy to your relationships

  4. Do something physical each day that requires deep breathing

  5. Accomplish tasks to reduce stress/ pressure

  6. Hydrate regularly and take care of your muscles and skin

  7. Cold therapy / Hot therapy

  8. Have difficult conversations that challenge your perspective

  9. Do at least one thing playful or creative each day

The truth of life is that we are not going to be "on point" everyday or wake up with the same energy every day. The purpose of these practices are to create habits that allow us to accomplish tasks that put our body in a position to be the most balanced physiologically. We typically don't have to think about brushing our teeth and flossing everyday, it just comes as a natural habit we do. Because of this habit we tend to have a better, healthier smile. That principle applies directly to these other practices in life.

In summary, take control of your day! Make a list of things you would like to have an break it down into small tasks to accomplish. Each step you take towards your goal will reward you with more balance, and self confidence to accomplish the next task. This is the heart of personal training and the heart of changing your daily habits to create your day!


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