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Hello! From The Yard!

Check out a entirely new way too look at fitness and health

Fad diets, Instagram workouts, and upside-down food pyramids can make it difficult for many people to achieve their health goals. That's why we created The Yard, located in downtown Denver, Colorado. The Yard was founded by two fitness enthusiasts and experts, Bret Huotari and Tripp Parks, who noticed a lack of results, science, and customer treatment in the fitness industry.

Bret and Tripp met while working at a one-on-one personal training studio and recognized where the industry, corporations, and education on health and wellness were falling short. So, they decided to do something about it. With Bret's 12 years of experience in personal training, recovery, and customer service, and Tripp's 10 years of experience in personal training, genetic-based program design, and professional athletics, the two created the 360 approach to wellness/fitness called Health Profiling (patent pending). Health Profiling is a new process for looking at health, similar to the way we invest in our portfolios. Just like investments, we must diversify our approach to health. By looking at everything from training to diet, supplements, hormone levels, accountability, recovery, and sleep, we can better help our clients achieve their fitness goals. There are no fad diets or magic pills - we simply use science, experience, and logic to help you reach your desired outcome.

If you're looking to achieve your fitness goals, we invite you to subscribe to see the amazing things The Yard, Bret, and Tripp are building. We're excited to bring about positive change in the world of fitness and wellness.


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