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Gym Etiquette Part 1

Ever wonder what some of the unspoken rules at the gym are! Dive in!

For some reason people don’t take social hints or understand the gym community at all. If you haven’t been in the gym for a while or ever, how are you supposed to know proper etiquette? Yes, there are rules on the walls but I’m talking about the unsaid shit, that is almost like people should know. That’s not the case. I’m going to explain to you how to be kind, curious, and clean to help keep you, your gym, and hopefully make you some friends at the gym.

Since the dawn of man we have been making up unspoken rules that you do not do in society. Like standing up and scratching your balls in the middle of a class, or when you’re in the locker room, if you’re naked, you don’t talk to anyone till your clothed (more on that later). There are not always legal repercussions but there are social ones for breaking these unspoken communal rules.

III. Ok, some beginner rules to start off to keep you safe and the others around you safe as well.

Be aware of your surroundings. The gym can be a highly dangerous place for you and the others working out in the gym. It is important to always understand what is going on around you because someone might. Drop a weight on you, you might be in the way of someone getting weights, or a slew of other things. From walking into the gym till you leave, be aware.

Act like the equipment/the gym itself belongs to you and the people the use the gym are in your same fitness family. What I mean is, you must treat yourself, the equipment, and the people around you with the utmost respect. The people around you have lives as well and things like letting people work in with you when it’s crowded goes a long way. As well as the respect you have for the equipment you’re “leasing” from the gym you go to. Gym equipment gets beat the fuck up and used hard. Gym equipment is extremely expensive, don’t be the dick that throws weight on it, doesn’t wipe it down, misses the trash can with an empty pre-workout. If you do any of these things you’re a straight up dick.

Breath. A lot of us get worked up at the gym, afraid to ask others questions/ or for help, or literally forget how to breathe. When you are in any fitness environment, you need to be calm, collected and focus. The way I keep my focus, and avoid social anxiety is to focus on your breath! (yes, there is a whole chapter on breathing, so we will dive more into this later.) Nice, deep, and calm breathing.

So now that we got a good grasp of what we should generally act on in the gym as some base etiquette, but that's not enough. I will stop this chapter and my bitching when I see people treating the gym, themselves, and others with more respect. Like I said, the gym can be a dangerous place. If you go on to Reddit, then you can see some of the horror injuries people have done to themselves, and others in fitness settings. Speaking of respect. The next thing we’re going to talk about is READING THE GYM RULES.


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